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Terveysklinikka Pisara is a clinic focusing on holistic health and beauty. The functional healthcare approach is based on  balancing the causes that have initially caused the ill-being of the body and mind. Our aim is to offer treatments, tools and information to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy body is beautiful!

All our treatments follow a Method Pisara® -method, that combines the knowledge and different therapies of a multi-professional team of nurses and other therapists incuding massage, ozone, scio and skin therapists.

Contact the clinic for more information on individual treatment programs.

We offer following treatments

  • * Private consultation with a functional health nurse
  • * Danné paramedical skin therapy
  • * Ultrasound and electrotherapy to remove cellulite, break fat cells and tone the connective tissue
  • * Non-surgical facelift
  • * Lymphatic drainage therapy
  • * Massages
  • * Beauty treatments
  • * Infrared sauna and body wraps
  • * Ozone therapy
  • * Scio analysis